Sustainable Luxury by Amina - #11 Insta Week: Looking for Freedom

#11 Insta Week: Looking for Freedom

Another week here in Italy is over and it's been a good one. It was the week that I...
1. ...went back to being 25 years old again after a Sunday as 65+. Although dressing like you're 65 is lovely, gives a sense of freedom. Tip for you! This is probably the scarf I've used the most since I got it as a b-day gift a couple of years back. It's the perfect material and I tend to always use it when I travel. It's quite big so you can use it as a blanket if it gets chilly. Even though it's light it gives great warmth. Of course, it get's a big plus for being super cool with the skulls. And for me, it's the perfect colour so that the contrast between background and print isn't to sharp. It's from Alexander MqQueen and costs somewhere around 3000SEK I think...
2. ...was one of many who encouraged Emma Elwin after her post about being insecure about her belly after pregnancy. Many applause for showing the real picture of how it is for many women, and by doing it hopefully taking one more step in the right direction to love all bodies. Free all bodies. 
3. ...actually looked out the window while taking the train home from work. I usually write blogposts for you on the train ride so when I looked out for a bit I realized it's lovely to just have 30 minutes of autumn serenity by yourself. This is somewhere between Monza and Milan.
4. ...baked cinnamon rolls for my last day at work. I had to show them some Swedish culture before signing out! The result was really good actually! I also made "raspberry caves" and chocolate balls.
5. ...wrote about South African wines in the wine school. Have you been following the lessons? Right now they're only in Swedish though. The picture is from when Martin was in South Africa last year. Not at all envious......
6. ...finished my "job" in Monza. Freeeeedom! For a week. Then back to work (here in Milan).
7. ...showed you my new Friday routine with swimming and spaing (is that a word?). The best way to start the weekend, without a doubt!
8. ...bought some new socks from & Other Stories. LOVE them! Could spice up any outfit just that one notch.
9. ...went out for an afternoon in the city and ended up at Marchesi. My oh my - it's a must in Milan!
10. ...entered the competition that NA-KD fashion is hosting after they reached 500K on Instagram. I have a long way to go, but if you would like to follow me you'll find me @aminaparacha
(Btw. We have no internet atm... Hopefully this will be fixed tomorrow between 9-12 am. I'll figure out a way to update you - because it will be expensive if I have to share a 4G network by roaming from my phone...)
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VÄLDIGT bra baknings-session du hade där- blev nästan inspirerad att baka något själv pga det låter mycket gott alltihop, haha!

Svar: :) Jag är nöjd! Du skulle sett min insta story jag hade när jag gjorde bullar... Det var sjukt kul att göra bullar för hand måste jag säga. Kände mig som en riktig bullmamma. Kan nog bli en bra mamma i framtiden ;) ;) Hihihi... Hoppas du har en bra start på veckan!
Amina Paracha

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