Sustainable Luxury by Amina - Amina Paracha: doctor and sustainable fashionista

Amina Paracha: doctor and sustainable fashionista


Vem: Amina Paracha, född 16 maj 1991
Vad: läkare, modebloggare, livsnjutare
Varför: för att jag är framtiden
När: nu


Sustainable Luxury handlar om att göra världen mer hållbar men med en lyxig känsla. Idag anses hållbart mode ofta vara tråkigt och komplicerat och det vill jag ändra på - det ska vara roligt, enkelt och lyxigt.


Lyxigt? Ja, för att vi ska bli mer hållbara krävs att hållbarhet är attraktivt. Därför behövs Sustainable Luxury: för den moderna kvinnan som vet att hennes val inom mode lämnar spår, men som inte vill kompromissa när det kommer till att känna sig attraktiv och lyxig.


Är du och jag en perfect match? Hör av dig för samarbetsmöjligheter


Kom ihåg!
Moderna kvinnor väljer inte mellan hållbarhet och lyx, vi tar båda



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Who: Amina Paracha, born 16 May 1991
What: doctor, blogger, life lover
Why: because I'm the future
When: now

 Sustainable Luxury is about making the world sustainable yet with a luxury glow. I think that sustainable fashion is often seen as boring and complicated and I want to change that - it should be fun, easy and luxurious.

Luxurious? Yes, to become more sustainable we need to make sustainability attractive. That's why we need Sustainable Luxury: for the modern woman who knows that her choices in fashion leaves a mark but doesn't want to compromise when it comes to looking and feeling attractive and luxurious.

So work with me in this, and remember!
Modern women don't choose between sustainability and luxury, we take them both


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I was born in Stockholm, Sweden

"An unusually beautiful child". That was the doctor's words when I was born. Maybe he said that to everyone but hey, I was made in a lab so perhaps I was specially designed? "What? Made in a lab?" - yeah, my mum and dad actually waited 13 years on a waiting list to get the chance to do an in-vitro fertilization (IVF). When Robert Edwards in 2010 received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for that very procedure, I also felt that I’d won a small victory. Of course, I had already drawn the winning ticket in the lottery just being born; out of the four fertilized eggs that was reintroduced into my mum’s womb I was the only one who managed to stick. (Now, when I’ve finished Med. School and have seen IVF being performed, it seems crazy to put in more than one egg/embryo at a time!)

My biggest dream came true

Although my mum and dad eagerly wanted a sibling for me it didn’t work out the second time they tried an IVF and I was left to be an only child. However, in 1995 a grey, furry friend became the fourth piece of our family. This was not at all planned. “Mossen”, who during her lifetime had many names, was a cat who came to us in the early summer. My mum was out in the backyard and suddenly a cute young cat appeared. She was as cuddly as a cat could ever be and seemed starved of love. She came and sat in my mum’s lap and when mum tried to get up from the chair, she held on to mum’s clothing. However, my mum did get up from the chair eventually only for the strangest to happen. Mum had noticed that the cat must have had kittens recently, and she asked the cat where she kept her babies. The two of them walked over our small lawn and down towards the little forest that our backyard was facing. And there, in a small crevice of a rock, Mossen showed my mum her four new-born kittens. She then carried the kittens up to our lawn one by one, literarily adopting us as her family. We never knew where Mossen came from but she was soon a precious family member and my biggest dream came true – every year for my birthday and for Christmas I had wished for a cat, and here she was at last. We couldn’t keep all the kittens though so we sold them. When we lost Mossen the summer of 2014 it was the first time for me to experience the loss of a family member. She meant the world to me and she will always be the best cat ever to have walked this earth.


1998: Starting school in the suburb

The years went by and I started school, enjoying it from the first day. I’ve always liked learning and I’ve been blessed with a brain that usually learns stuff pretty quickly. I guess I was just like any other child in that time: playing with Barbies, singing and dancing to Spice Girls and buying erasers with a chemical strawberry fragrance. I'm happy to have grown up in the suburb learning about different cultures in a natural way, having a very multi-cultural class. I myself am also quite a mix, having a mum from Finland and a dad from Pakistan.

2003: Junior high school - finding myself, being bullied, in love and heartbroken

In junior high school I started to experiment with my style. I had a friend who was into rock and metal and I tried that out for a while. I especially tried it on Fridays every other week when we had music class, just to impress my teacher. (What the h*** was I thinking? But hey, maybe it was a crucial step in the way of becoming me?)

After the short but sweet period of being a (part time) rocker girl I joined the great masses and became a typical teenager – in Sweden called “fjortis”, referring to the number fjorton which is fourteen. A “fjortis” is in its feminine form equal to a lot of makeup, hairspray and perfume and in the early 2000’s also low cut jeans, bandanas and college sweatshirts saying stuff like “Aspen”, “KSSS” (the royal sailing society of Sweden) and “JL” (the very popular designer Johan Lindeberg’s logo). Also, the fjortis has many friends who all are “BFF”, “honey”, "darling" etc. and the texts (or MSN chats!) always ended with “Älskarreeeej” (= Looveyaah) and one or more heart symbols (remember (L)(K)(L)(K)(L) on MSN?).

Even though this photo is only me doing a parody of a "fjortis", their look is somewhere along these lines...

Somewhere around these times things started to get tougher in school. Not the school work itself, I was still a quick learning student who got the highest grades on every exam, but the climate had changed. I had friends in my class but my closest friends were all one or two years older than me. Every break in between classes I quickly changed my books and then hurried to have a few minutes with them. This made me a bit of an outsider. I wasn’t a geek, because I had older friends and that’s obviously cool(?), but I wasn’t one of the cool girls either. I don’t really know why things turned out the way they did, but for some reason a girl in my class started to bully me. I remember opening my thin lined notepad to se “WHORE” written all over the page. I also remember her burping into my ear as we passed each other in the corridor. What I don’t remember is that I’ve repeatedly said that I don’t want to go to school because of this, that she uploaded a picture of me on the net with the text "lesbian, searching other lesbians", that my dad took me to her place to sit down and talk with her and her parents. This is something that my parents have told me afterwards. I guess it’s some kind of defence mechanism that has made me forget it.  

There was some talk about me changing school or changing class. Now I think that maybe she was the one who should have changed class, why should I have had to? But neither of this ever happened – we both stayed in the same class until the end of ninth grade. I remember me saying that I didn’t want to change class, I liked it, I liked the teachers, but of course, hated her. Now when reflecting back on this time, I think it was a strong statement of me to stay in the same class. The worst bullying stopped I guess, even though she tried to get to me many times.

This period of my life was also the time when I started having boyfriends in a more serious way than just for a couple of days. My first real relationship was when I was in seventh grade, with a boy in the ninth grade. You can imagine how in love I was. It lasted five months – which was a long time when you were 14 years old. He broke up with me and I was devastated. But in love I’ve always had faith, so it wasn’t too long before I was back up on my feet again, ready for something new. I had two less serious relationships after that first one, both of them with guys two years older than me (which back then was something everyone seemed to have an opinion about).

My friend from the music class and I in the summer of '09 when she joined my family for vacation in Spain

When the third boyfriend ended it I was about to start ninth grade. Now the school was a bit boring, my best friend had started high school and of course quickly got new friends, leaving me in junior high with all people of the same age as myself. Luckily I had a close friend in the “music class” (where they all played instruments). We had French class together and we were both passionate about the French language. I actually remember doing an ELLE magazine in French.

Also, the boys (or some of them) had now started to grow up (a bit) and I found new potential boyfriend material in one of the boys in the music class. However, when we were about to initiate our relationship another boy from the same class, who I had never seen before, suddenly appeared out of the blue, giving me a hug (everyone was hugging to say hi and bye on the breaks between classes back then. Funny when you think of it since it was approximately 8,5 minutes between the “hi” and the “bye” and this occurred five times a day). Love struck and we were a couple for almost two years (with some kind of half-time break up for a couple of months). We started the same high school, but in different classes. He, eventually, also broke my heart, like all of the three boyfriends before him. This time it was tougher though. He broke my heart but I think he also broke a part of my soul. I was left feeling tricked - learning that he the last couple of months had only been my boyfriend because of my apparance, he had been unfaithful and also talked about me behind my back. I still live with scars from this time.

But what did I tell you? Love is something I always had faith in, even in the darkest times.

2007: High school in the big city

The start of high school was great for me. I was now free from my little suburb in Stockholm where I’ve gone to school my whole life, seeing the same people, doing the same things. I had chosen a high school in midtown Stockholm and I was eager to show the city (and the whole world!) who I am. I guess now was the first time I had a blog, posting outfit of the day in the mirror like all other bloggers. Although receiving some nice comments I also got comments like “you’re nothing but a pair of long legs”... However, I don’t think that’s what stopped me blogging, I just think I didn’t have that much of an interest in writing back then. But who knows, maybe if I’d continued with it I would have been as big as Kenza now. Well, life wanted other things for me. 

Me and my fabolous crew in high school

In high school I continued to get the highest grade, but I did have to work a bit for it now, which I enjoyed. My major was in science and I also chose to read even more biology, chemistry and math. In the first year we had a super sweet physics teacher who basically gave everyone second chances and the highest grade in Physics A. Indeed, we were a smart class, but he was too kind. This kindness was a big disadvantage when we in the second year got a much stricter teacher in Physics B. My God, Amina, the MVG-child (MVG equals A), got a G- (E-) on the first exam. This was a brutal wake-up call. That I finished Physics B with an MVG is still today one of my greatest achievements in life. It proves to me that if I just work hard enough, everything will turn out alright. And even though I ended up with not having all MVG’s in my final report sheet from high school, I reached my dream…

 One of my best friends and I after our high school graduation

During the three years in high school I got great friendships that are still with me today – you know who you are, I love you. I also got a clearer idea of what I wanted to do for a living. The years before my dream was to become an architect and interior designer, I had grand plans of designing and decorating all of the celebrities’ houses in the US, but now, another thought was slowly coming to life. I think the seed was planted by my last math teacher in junior high. He said something like this: Amina, if you’re not going to be a doctor, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Sure, I thought that the human body was incredibly interesting when we had read about it back in eight grade, but my mind was set on architecture. But as the days and months in high school passed, I started to see what really interested me. And when we were reading about the human body in the second year in the course Biology B I made up my mind 100%. Of course I was meant to be a doctor. This was actually already written in the stars.

Dottoressa Paracha in Milan, Italy

You see, when I was born, my mum and dad received a letter from a relative in Pakistan. He had studied the planets and stars and their position on my birthday and among many other things he predicted that “she is going to want to help people, most certainly she will become a doctor”. Now you might think I’m nuts but that’s just what he wrote. Then you might think that I’ve unconsciously been pushed in that direction by my mum and dad. But I don’t think so. First of all, during my whole life I’ve never felt any pressure from my parents about what I should do in life. They have supported me in my artist dreams; when I was painting millions and billions of paintings for them to hang on the refrigerator and on their work, or buying overpriced posters from Monet’s gardens in Paris… Secondly, they both had forgotten about this letter until my dad found it around the time of my 20th birthday.

But before talking about my carrier choice in life, I want to write to you about the most important thing of all. Remember what I’ve always had faith in?

2009: Love hit like a flash of lightning

My 2009 started out really bad. It was definitely over between me and the boy who hugged me in junior high (and left me feeling worthless). I was lost for a bit but after a few months I started to find my path again. Spring was knocking on the door and I was applying for a summer job. I didn’t have much work experience but I thought that it would be alright to be a mailman (mailwoman?) for a couple of weeks, getting exercise from riding a bike and running in stairways. So the 22nd of April I was called to an interview at the local post office. All teens that they wanted to interview were there at the same time, having short one-on-one interviews with the employer. When I arrived I didn’t see anyone I knew. I sat down at a table and waited. Suddenly a friend from my training (this was my sixth year of doing track and fields) turned up. I of course greeted him with a hug and doing so I noticed that he wasn’t alone. With him was three or four guys but from the moment I saw him, I had eyes for no one else. He was the last one to enter the room and I remember saying hello, shaking hands with the other two or three others really quickly just to get to him, then taking it slower, smiling a bit extra while introducing myself. We all sat down at a round table and he sat directly opposite of me. I was staring. I cursed myself for it, but couldn't help it. I noticed that on his left hand he only had half of his index finger. I wanted to ask about it but thought to myself that he probably must get sick and tired of that question, so I didn’t say anything. We didn’t really say anything to each other. I don’t remember talking at all, even though I must have been saying something in between all the staring.

When I was finished with my interview I literarily bounced like a bouncing ball all the way back home. Bounced like a lightweight bouncy feather on imaginary clouds of pink. My face was actually hurting from all the smiling. I sat down by the computer and used the relatively new site Facebook to track down this amazing person who had become the love of my life in less than a second, Martin Petersson (now Paracha). I found him! ...but I also found out that he was in a relationship. But hey, I’ve always had faith in…?

So four days later (I don’t remember that it took me that long! Maybe it was because I didn’t want to seem too interested?) I wrote and said something kind of exactly like this:

 “hey you! :) so did the interview go well? would be kool to work with you this summer :)”
(...and yeah, he took my last name when we got married)


…and that was the start of the rest of my life. We started talking and it turned out that he was just in the middle of a break-up, which didn’t have anything to do with me, just to be clear. However, of course I contributed even though I didn’t start it.

On the 30th of April (Walpurgis night) I lied to my parents (I never lie, and I’m so lousy at it! But what was I going to say: “tonight I’m going to visit a guy I’ve met just once but I think he’s nice”?). So my story was that I was going to a friend from my high school class and we were going to be the regular gang of four girls. However, I always took the bus + metro, but now, for some reason I had to go to the train station and my dad had to drive me there (since I was late and had already missed the bus). So all in all, not one of my finest moments.

The evening out in the middle of nowhere where Martin lived was magical. I met with both of his parents right away and I instantly felt at home. I’ve never met people more welcoming and loving. Now it seems so strange, knowing that both me and Martin love food and sweets, but that night we didn’t eat anything. We just talked and played the piano and sang and were so much in love. He drove me the whole way home when the clock had passed midnight and the next day I immediately told my parents where I’d been the last night and I made sure to chock my dad thoroughly by stating: “Dad, I’ve found the man that I will marry” (poor dad!).

Me and Martin decided to see each other again the next evening. He came to my place and I remembered I was nervous. Maybe the night before had been something that was just made up. Maybe today, when it was still light outside, I wouldn’t feel the same way. But I just had to take one look at him when he stepped of the bus at my bus stop to know that this was meant to be. On our evening walk that night I said “I love you” and he said it back. Ok, sure we were young – I was just about to turn 18 and he 19, but when you know, you know, you know?

We got engaged later the same year (the 28th of November) and got married almost five years after that (2nd of August 2014). He was the love of my life from the first time I ever saw him and he will always be my one and only. I wish that all people could know this kind of love, I hope that you (who’s done a great job getting this far in my story) are blessed with someone to love and who loves you unconditionally.

One of my favourite pictures from our wedding day. Photo: Carl Andersson

2010: Chocklingly admitted

One of the things that Martin has done for me is to move with me from Stockholm to Gothenburg. This is not something that you normally do in a blink of an eye – but he did it not even two years in to our relationship. It was December 2010 and I hesitated to open the admission letter to the university. I knew I wasn’t going to get in to Med. School at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and I honestly thought it was a dead race to get in to any other school. But then there it was. Admitted. Admitted to medical studies in Gothenburg, the second choice on my list. We moved to Gothenburg the 16th of January 2011, bringing with us a 40” LED-TV on a train. I will always smile when thinking back on how it must have looked.

2016: Finishing Med. School and moving to Milan

Me on my graduation day, a new doctor is born!

Five and a half year later I have finished Med. School, got some new beautiful friends and learned that Gothenburg is ok (but Stockholm is always better, it’s home!). Martin has finished his studies to become a physiotherapist, has worked a year, realized that it wasn’t the job for him and now almost finished another bachelor (in Economics).

In August 2016 we moved to Milan, Italy, for Martin to study at Bocconi University. I admit that four months in Milan was quite alright considering that he moved with me to Gothenburg… And it was in Milan I finally found my spark for fashion again - something I've always had with me but has been slumbering the last few years. I was inspired to start a fashion blog but it had to have a twist - something that came to me after a while. Now I'm super excited to convey the message of sustainable fashion in a luxury package to all of you.

The future and the blog...

Looking ahead this is some of the things I know and a lot of the things I hope for: Martin will finish his studies in Gothenburg this summer (2017) and until then I will work at the surgical ward and ER. We will sell our apartment and move permanently to Stockholm. We will most probably move abroad again sometime in life. I will apply for the AT (the internship) that you have to do as a doctor here in Sweden to get your license. Hopefully I will get it by late 2017 or early 2018. Somewhere around here I would love to expand the family with a mini-me/Martin. After that the future plans are more diffuse. I want to become a paediatrician of some sort; most probably a paediatric oncologist. I wish to buy a really nice apartment in Stockholm. I want to travel. I want to learn. I want to be able to reach my toes. Let’s see what life has to offer. As for my goal with the blog, I recommend you to read the short version at the top of this page.

Stockholm will always be my home town


This is my story in the making and I’m happy to have you along for the ride through the blog. I hope you got to know me better after reading this and that I did inspire you in some way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this until the very end.

My best wishes to all of you and hey, remember! Modern women don't choose between sustainability and luxury, we take them both


- - - - - - 

Again, don't hesitate to send me a message: or feel free to reach out to me on my other platforms

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Underbart att läsa. Livet ler mot dig och det är du värd.

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Underbart att läsa. Livet ler mot dig och det är du värd.

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